wildflowersThis is a throwback blog.  I had forgotten about this date idea that I did with one of my girls several years ago.  I thought it would be good to give an idea for some younger kids because my current dates I blog about are for upper elementary to junior high.  When Emerson was probably four or five years old, we went wildflower picking.  You could do this with an older child, but it was perfect for that age.

I got the idea one day when driving down the Interstate and seeing all the spectacular colors that were in bloom.  Once I had the idea, I started looking around town for places that I could take a kindergarten kid.  The Interstate wasn’t one of the safer options, so I had to do some advance scouting.  Once I identified three places we could go where we could walk safely and not be on private property, I picked a Saturday.

We drove to each of the sites with the goal of making bouquets for mom.  We kept a little cooler of ice in the back of the car.  It would be wise to put something to drink in the cooler and then you can replace the drinks with the flowers that you pick.  This was a simple date to pull off that didn’t cost any money because we had everything we needed at home.  It was an easy way to spend time together and mom loved having three or four vases of colorful flowers to put around the house.

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