Christmas Lights

christmas_lights_0_croppedOne of our family traditions has been finding a night to go look at Christmas lights.  When our kids were little, we started the process early in the day.  We would design our own “Christmas Decoration Awards” out of paper plates and craft supplies.  There were no rules for the awards.  Each kid made three or four awards for any category they could dream up.  Most of the awards were things that wouldn’t surprise you.  We’d have “Raley’s Favorite Lights,” “Best Nativity,” and “Best Inflatable,” and a few more.

First, we’d stop for hot chocolate and then we’d pick one “official” neighborhood to visit for the awards.  Sometimes we went to multiple neighborhoods to look at lights, but since there is a bit of driving around and judging, we didn’t want to go back and forth between neighborhoods all night.  Once one of our kids picked a winner, we would get out and ring the doorbell of the winning house.  This was probably the best part of the entire experience!  We would explain what we were doing and that their family’s decorations had one a coveted award.  Seeing the expressions on people’s faces and watching their genuine reactions to the appreciation of their decorations was a lot of fun.

If people weren’t home, we would tape their award to their front door.  In order to do that without the possibility of getting tape stuck, we’d bring some painters tape with us.  Outside of that tape, you’ll need to get craft supplies in advance.  If you add the hot chocolate, you can do this family experience for about $30.  Take your family out this week to see some lights and spend some time together.  You’ll be happy you made the memories!

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