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Criminal Minds

dinner detectiveSometimes you learn something about your spouse on a date that really surprises you.  One of our “outside of the box” dates was to go to a Murder Mystery Dinner.  Ours was at a hotel in downtown Austin, but I’ve seen them advertised in multiple cities.  If you are looking for a double date idea (or a larger group) this would be a great idea.

We parked in the hotel parking garage and then went up to the ballroom where the dinner was being held.  Upon checking in, everyone had to get a name tag.  On the name tag you wrote a fake name and that was your persona for the rest of the night.  Before dinner, there was a “meet and greet” where you wandered around the room and introduced yourself to other people there.  The idea is that you get to know some people before the mystery unfolds and you have to solve the crime.  Some of the people you meet are actors who are going to be playing roles in the dinner and they have elaborate backstories.  Was the person I just talked to really an accountant in Austin or was he an actor who is playing a role in the story?

This is where I was surprised.  I’m the introvert and Amanda is the extrovert, but walking around the room and talking to strangers was a lot of fun for me.  Amanda was very uncomfortable and just wanted it to end.  Who would have thought?  We could have had an extra date just exploring that curveball!

After the “meet and greet” you went back to your table where you have dinner with eight to ten people.  Several things are happening at this time.  You are meeting new people (and will soon be trying to figure out if they are actors or regular people like yourself),  eating dinner that is served by a waitstaff, and having a murder unfold before your eyes.  There are detectives and witnesses that tell the story and there are plenty of clues given to you throughout the night.

At the end of the night, each person turns in their report of who they think the murderer was and the reason why the murder took place.

I thought this date was a lot of fun.  Amanda thought it was horrible.  I guess you win some and you lose some.  You can find a lot of deals on Groupon.  I looked when writing this blog and you can get a Groupon for $69, but when I went to the Dinner Detective website we used, it was only $60!

If you want a quiet night out, this is not the date for you.  On the other hand, if you want to do something very unique and meet some new people then you’ve found a winner!

It Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

downloadI love creativity.  I love planning a one-of-a-kind experience or even doing things that create an experience that you’ll remember for a long time.  That is not always a sustainable model for planning dates with your wife and kids.  Sometimes you must do something easy, but still full of quality time.

Emerson (our youngest) and I had a date like that not too long ago.  All it required was a little bit of advance shopping on Amazon as my pre-planning.  I got on about a week before our date and searched for puzzle books for kids her age.  I was looking for the kind of activity book that has games, mazes, word puzzles, and such.  I found one in less than a minute and ordered it.  After it arrived, we went to a sit-down restaurant, because we needed some time and a fast food experience would be too quick.  We chose Razoo’s because I was craving Cajun food and Emerson only eats chicken nuggets and candy, and you can find chicken nuggets anywhere.

After ordering our food, we opened the book and started doing some puzzles together.  I ordered alligator tail and had her try some of it.  She’s more open to a new food experience when she’s on a date and things are out of the norm.  Since dad/daughter dates aren’t routine, they do provide you with some special moments.  It may be trying a new food, but it can often be an open window into a conversation that you wouldn’t have on a normal day.

We finished our meal, worked on some more puzzles, and ordered dessert.  Dad/daughter dates almost always require dessert!

This blog isn’t one of those creative blogs.  It’s just a short one to give you an idea of something that is out of your regular routine and easy to do.  The total cost was about $10 plus a meal.  She also kept the book which will come in handy on road trips!  That’s a two-for-one win!