Happily Ever After


Date boxes were a pretty genius invention!  The concept is like other subscription boxes.  Your monthly subscription gets you a date idea mailed to you and it comes with everything you need to spend some creative time together.  I love the idea, but Amanda’s favorite date is always going to a movie.  My favorite thing to do is be creative.  When I’ve subscribed to a box, I’ve always taken the smallest subscription, usually three months, because it takes us about six months to carve out time between movies and creative dates.

Recently, I subscribed to Happily Datebox and we tried the very first box that was sent.  You can consider this blog a two-for-one deal.  You can find out what a Happily Datebox is like OR you can take some ideas and do it on your own!

I was very pleased with the quality of my first box from Happily (and I have a few more that we’ll walk through in future blogs).  It is a very professional presentation all the way down to the box that it arrives in.  Our date was a two-part date.  The two parts didn’t necessarily go together, but they were both fun.

The first part was a card game that was all about who knows the other person better.  We took it with us to lunch and found a table in the back corner of Rudy’s where we could eat and spread the cards out.  Each person is given six cards that have a question on them.  You answer each question on a sheet of paper that you keep hidden from your spouse.  After your answers have been recorded, you lay out the cards for your spouse to read.  She has ten tokens that she spreads out over the cards based on how confident she is of your answer.  She tells you her answers and if she is correct, then she gets points that are equal to the tokens she wagered on the card.  It was a fun game!

The second part of the date was making homemade ice cream.  Before you even open your box there is a list of a few supplies that you are given for the date.  Several ingredients for the ice cream are in the box (sugar, rock salt, several types of ice cream toppings, etc.), but there are some supplies that are harder to package or can’t ship in the mail (vanilla, heavy cream, etc.).  We had all the ingredients on hand, so we didn’t have to make a stop at the store, but if you didn’t you could find yourself in a predicament.  The box comes with instructions and plastic bags that you mix the ice cream ingredients in and then shake in the bags. It did require freezing for 25-30 minutes, but you could do that while you play the game.

My first experience with Happily was great!  The only downside was that they supplied a card for a Spotify playlist web address and a “lean to dance” web address and both of those links were no longer active.

If you want an easy date, you could subscribe to Happily.  The cost is between $33 -$40 a month depending on the length of your subscription.  The six-month subscription is cheaper per month than the month-to-month option.  There is also a digital datebox that is $8 a month, but obviously comes with no supplies.  You can usually find a discount for your first box.  At the time of this blog, one of the codes was “SAVE 20”.

If you want to be creative, you could come up with your own set of questions to make a similar game and you can find a recipe for homemade ice cream in a bag here.

If you are the first person to respond and post a comment on the blog, I’ll send you the game and the ice cream recipe that we have.


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