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Movie Rental Night


Growing up we used to ride our bikes down to the local video rental store and load up with movies for the weekend.  That was before Blockbuster came onto the scene and became the industry leader.  After we were married, we signed up for Netflix.  That was back in the day when they would mail you DVDs.  Going to the mailbox was like Christmas Day.  I would always forget what movie was up next in our queue so it was a surprise.  The worst part was when you had a TV series that had cliffhanger endings.  We watched the first season of “24” with Kiefer Sutherland and at the end of every episode something would happen that hooked you (why crazy things only happened at the top of every hour is beyond me).  If it was the last episode on the DVD you were stuck until you could mail it back and get the next one!

This isn’t really about the history of movie rentals, but I had a very easy to plan date with my youngest daughter.  We simply rented a movie.  We were planning to go see “Abominable,” but it wasn’t until I started checking showtimes that I realized it wasn’t out yet.  So Lesson #1 for today: “Plan your date in advance.”

Earlier this summer we watched the two newest Spiderman movies and she really liked them.  She was interested in watching Avengers, but there are too many characters she’d have no clue about.  My wife mentioned that she might like “Shazam.”  It is about kid superheroes and it is pretty funny.  Lesson #2: “Just because your wife suggests it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check the ratings and reviews.”  It was rated PG-13 for quite a bit of inappropriate language.

I picked up McDonalds and we ate while we watched the movie and then paused it halfway through to pop some popcorn.  This was an easy way to spend time together.

The movie had quite a few easy Biblical connections to it so we got to talk about that after the movie and then it led to several other conversations.  We ended up talking about the cartoons I watched growing up and listening to NF songs.

Obviously this isn’t a creative date idea, but it led to intentional time after the movie that was pretty great!  And the best part is, almost anyone can do it.


McDonald’s for two           $13.00
Movie rental                         $6.00

Total                                      $19.00