Austin Zoo


A couple of weeks ago I took our youngest to the Austin Zoo.  The big picture idea here would be to visit any zoo that is local, but I’ll tell about our experience at this particular zoo.  As is the case for so many of the dates I plan, I got a deal off of Groupon.

Emerson is nine years old and is the right age for the Austin Zoo.  If a child is too much older than that, it may not be as exciting.  The Austin Zoo isn’t your typical zoo.  Most of the animals there are rescue animals.  They had owners who could no longer take care of them, were injured/abused, or were found and needed some special care.  It is a small zoo, but it has lions, tigers, bears, and some great animals to see.  There is a pretty large area for feeding animals (and a lot of animals to choose from).

Walking around the zoo gave us a lot of time to talk.  We were able to talk about creation and God’s incredible imagination when he created animals.  We also got to talk about our favorite animals and the ones that we thought were boring (that would be the birds for me).

t took us nearly an hour to get to the zoo (and an hour home) not counting our lunch stop.  We spent between 90 minutes to two hours in the zoo.  We didn’t ride the train, but did just about everything else.

Pro Tips:

  1. It may have its address in Austin, but it is much closer to Dripping Springs.  Plan accordingly before you go.
  2. Don’t go in the heat of the day.  A lot of the animals are trying to find shade or are sleeping which makes them hard to see.

Total Cost: $14.50 for two people with the Groupon (plus gas and lunch)

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