Dave and Buster’s


Several months back, Amanda and I went on a date where we were throwing axes at Epic Fun.  They gave us a game card to play some free video games.  There were hardly any people in the venue so we used all of our game card on the Jurassic Park video game.  We kept swiping the card until we beat the entire game.  We had a lot of fun playing the game so when Groupon offered a deal on “all you can play video games” at Dave and Buster’s, I jumped on it.

Dave and Buster’s was pretty crowded so there were some games, like air hockey, that were pretty crowded all night long.  Amanda was very excited because she beat me in basketball multiple times (and she beat me in some racing game where you blow people up with missiles).

There are a lot of games that you cannot use the card for (primarily the ones that have tickets), but there are enough games to keep you busy for a while.  The nice thing is that you could choose to eat at Dave and Buster’s while you are there, but we went just for the games.

Total cost: $25.00 for a two person game card

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