Bike Riding


This is an easy one that can be done with as much or as little prep as needed.  For us it took some preparation because we had some hurdles to overcome.  First, I don’t have a bike.  I started to research online and discovered that you can check bikes out from our local library.  I drove over the week before just to check it out (and to renew my library card).  I’m glad I did because I discovered that checking bikes out is just a theoretical concept.  All of the bikes at our library are apparently broken.  They referred me to the Visitor Center for our city.  I called and they only have one bike that works.  The rest are broken as well.  Luckily it is 2019 and social media was able to come to the rescue.  A post on Facebook landed me several bikes I could borrow from friends.

We got up in the morning, loaded our bikes, and drove over to one of our city parks that has trails.  We started riding and it was fairly clear we had two different sets of intentions.  I was wanting to ride all the way to the lake, hang out, and then ride back.  My oldest was looking for a short leisurely ride . . . but why go to all the trouble for a short ride, right?

When we hit the 1.5 mile mark she suggested we go to the two mile marker and then turn around and go back.  My mind still wanted to go all the way to the lake, but my butt spoke up and said, “Great idea!”  I was already starting to get uncomfortable from the bicycle seat that was foreign to my everyday experience.

After the bike ride, we grabbed lunch and spent some time talking about the morning.  I’d highly recommend this virtually free dad/daughter date!  It is great conversation, exercise, and gets you outdoors.

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