City Scavenger Hunt

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Now that we have a middle school student in our family, we are morphing some of our family days to include friends.  The City Scavenger Hunt was our first family day that included some of our daughters’ friends and it ended up being a lot of fun.  In fact, we discovered that, unfortunately, our own children may be a little spoiled because our guests were much more excited (or less jaded) about the scavenger hunt.

This was another idea that came from Groupon and it is very easy to use.  In fact, we had booked our appointment about a month or so in advance, but as the day was approaching . . . so was a storm cell with torrential rain.  I made a call to the company that sold the Groupon and they said that it was not a problem at all and had me call when I was ready to reschedule.

When the day arrived, we loaded up four kids and headed to Home Slice Pizza.  It has been rated as one of the best pizza places in the United States so Amanda “wanted to take the girls there.”  Interestingly enough, she loves pizza and loves eating there so I’m not sure her motives were altruistic.  After lunch we drove up Congress Avenue and luckily found a spot pretty close to the Capitol.  Our instructions were to download the Goosechase app.  It is an app that facilitates scavenger hunts and we’ve used it several times already for church and personally.  After that, we were told to head to The Old Bakery and Emporium and upon arrival we would text a code to a phone number that would launch our Scavenger Hunt in the app.

The Scavenger Hunt was fairly generic.  You were taking pictures of stop signs, certain words on signs, and some people in certain professions.  We were playing as one team, and even though we had set a score that we wanted to attain, it helped to have other people from around the country playing as well to give you other goals.

I had two complaints with the game itself.  One of the great features of GooseChase is that you use it to upload pictures of what you have found or videos of what you did during the Scavenger Hunt.  A moderator then reviews your submission and will validate your score.  There was no moderator on duty for this game.  That meant you could take any picture you wanted and assign it to any category you wanted.

The other complaint was the location.  It was billed as an Austin Scavenger Hunt, but the people we were playing against were not in Austin and, as mentioned before, the clues were all very generic.  We didn’t have to drive 30 minutes to find The Old Bakery and Emporium.  We could have played where we lived and probably done better.

The game officially lasts two hours, but the elementary and middle school girls were only interested for the first hour.  I’d recommend it, but I wouldn’t drive some place far to do it.


Pizza for 6 at Home Slice Pizza           $60.00

Groupon                                                       $20.00

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