Foot Golf

Limerick Footgolf 810x456

I hadn’t heard of Foot Golf until a few years ago when a youth minister friend told me about it.  We took students one summer to play and had a great time so I put it on the date list.

What is Foot Golf?  It is golf with a soccer ball and no golf club.  You take the ball to the tee box and kick it towards the flag.  The hole is obviously big enough for a soccer ball.  Each kick is the same as a golf swing.  The holes vary between about 170 yards and 90 yard and they all have the appropriate par assigned to them.

We went out to the Harvey Penick Golf Course where they have a nine hole golf course and a Foot Golf course that is eighteen holes.  The Foot Golf course is a part of the regular golf course so they have limited times when you can play.  It can also be difficult to schedule because they only let you book it five days ahead of time.  We purchased a Groupon so it only cost us $12.40.  It would have cost $15.50, but I used a Groupon code to save more.  That cost includes 18 holes and soccer balls for two people.

We dropped the kids at school and went early in the morning to avoid the heat.  I took us about 90 minutes (I think) to play the course.  You cannot wear cleats, but if you can wear shoes with a harder toe it might save your some pain.  I’d also bring mosquito repellent and sunscreen with you.  There used to be water stations, but I didn’t see any this time through.

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