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Hawks vs Spurs


I grew up a fan of the Atlanta Hawks which has caused people to ask hundreds of times, “How did that happen?”  When I was growing up, Ted Turner owned the Hawks and he also owned the television channel TBS and the Hawks games were the only way I could watch NBA basketball.  Thus, a fan was born.

For Christmas, Amanda bought me tickets to watch the Hawks when they came on their annual trip to San Antonio.  I can confidently say that this was not a date that my wife would have picked out for herself, but she knew it would be one of my favorite!

Sporting events are not for everyone and they can be fairly expensive.  A friend of mine connected me to TickPick.  If you are on the website (not the app) you can bid on tickets.  You pick the quality of the ticket you want and then put in what you are willing to pay.  If anyone who owns tickets in that area are willing to take your bid, it buys the tickets for you.  I haven’t been successful in bidding yet, but I have found tickets for cheaper than other tickets outlets because TickPick has no fees.

As I mentioned earlier, the basketball game probably wasn’t the highlight for my wife, but it was more than a basketball game.  There was four hours in the car which isn’t exciting, but it does provide for some quality time if you’ll redeem it.  We also had fun in trying to find a place to eat.  We ended up at Texas Burger Company which was a glorified drive-thru with some outdoor seating.  It wasn’t romantic, but it was fun!

The good news was we had a great time together.  The bad news was the Hawks lost ☹

Living in the Old West


We got up on a Saturday morning and headed into Austin to check out Pioneer Farms.  A lot of kids have been there on school field trips because it is a great location for a little bit of history and learning.  Our oldest had been before, but she still had a great time on her second trip.

Pioneer Farms is tucked away in the middle of East Austin.  It’s kind of surreal when you drive out of the parking lot and 200 yards later you are back in current civilization.

We spent a little over two hour walking all over the grounds.  We explored what houses looked like in the 1800s, the blacksmith shop, the Indian teepees, and a whole lot more.  Sometimes there are tours, but we just did it on our own.  We still got to talk to the gentlemen who were working the carpentry shop and the blacksmiths.  There is an old Swedish silo there that is one of only two left in the world!

One of the other great things about the trip was that Waller Creek runs through the property and there is a great view of it near the Indian village.  There is a section of trail that goes down by the creek, but we ran out of time and didn’t get to walk it.

I bought our tickets on Groupon and I used a discount code.  I also think I’ve discovered a Groupon hack.  If you put in an expired Groupon discount code, you’ll still get 20% off.  The four of us did Pioneer Farms for $12.  That’s a great deal and a great half day with your family!

Lupe Tortilla and Datelivery

Lupe TortillaA lot of our dates revolve around dinner and our last date was no exception.  We had not been to Lupe Tortilla yet, but we had heard a lot about it.

I have had a subscription to one of those date box sites where they send you a prepackaged date once a month.  I’m planning on reviewing some of those along the way in case any readers are interested in finding out more about them.

About a month ago I stumbled upon an offer to try out Datelivery.  All I had to do was pay for the shipping so I jumped on it.  As of now, that offer is still up on their website if you want to take advantage of it.  We took the box with us to Lupe Tortilla.  That’s probably not the wisest thing to do because most date boxes work better at your house (or at least you should open it to see what it included).  When I opened the box, the note inside explained that this was not a full box, but rather a sample.

It came with a scavenger hunt for around your house (clues were included . . . you just had to place them) that led to a massage.  The box included massage oil and Hershey’s Kisses.  The Kisses were in a ziploc bag and the massage oil looked like someone had bought a travel shampoo container, filled it with oil, and then printed a sticker off of their computer that said “massage oil” and put it on the bottle.  It seemed a little odd, but I was going to get a short subscription anyway to give it a chance.  Unfortunately, the only thing you can actually purchase on their website is the sample box.  So this is the first and last blog about Datelivery for the time being.

At the restaurant, we read the scavenger hunt clues (they were very easy) and I have no clue what happened to the candy.  The box also had some discussion questions to get couple’s talking.  We did those over dinner and they were well done.  Here are a couple to give you an idea or to discuss the next time you go out to dinner.

1. Describe what a “perfect day” looks like for you.

2. If you could meet one famous person, who would it be?