Captain Marvel isn’t Creative, but it Works

Captain-Marvel-Poster-new-look-1I try to be very creative when it comes to making memories of fun and laughter with the family, but I may be the only “creative” in my house.  So while I’m dreaming up ideas, my wife is simply wanting to go to the movies.

Amanda loves nothing more than going to the movie theater.  In fact, the other night over dinner, we were describing our “perfect days” and her perfect day had a movie in the afternoon and a movie in the evening.  I think that may be what happens when you grow up in a small country town where the nearest movie theater is over 30 minutes away.

So a lot of our dates are to the movies.  It’s not creative, but it’s what she loves.  The good news for me is that I can pick whatever movie I want to see and she’s usually in.  Last week we went to see Captain Marvel.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a super hero movie I didn’t like . . . yes, I’ve seen Electra, the Hulk made by Ang Lee, and the Batman movies with Ben Affleck.  Even though the world would agree that Pee Wee Herman would make a better Batman than Ben Affleck, I still enjoyed the movies.  Captain Marvel was a win for me and since it was a movie, it was a win for Amanda.

Find something your spouse loves to do and do it often.

One of the things that worked for us when our kids were younger was “tax payer childcare.”  That may not work for everyone, but “tax payer childcare” was on Friday mornings.  Friday is generally my day off and Amanda makes her own hours, so we would go to the movies when the kids were in school. The matinee was also a cheaper option so it was a double victory!

What are some creative ways that you’ve made childcare work for you if you were going to the movies with your spouse?

1 thought on “Captain Marvel isn’t Creative, but it Works

  1. When they were really little and sick like lethargic with a fever we’d bring them with to see a grown up movie as they would just cuddle n sleep through it.

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